dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Filmography (incomplete):

For Halas and Batchelor:

1940            Train Trouble (commercial)
1940            Carnival in the Clothes Cupboard
1943            Abu series

For Gaumont British Animation:

1944 - 1946   Commercials for the cinema and Animaland

For British Animated Pictures:

1947            The Big City  
1947            Fun Fair
1948            Home Sweet Home
1948            Loch Ness Legend
1948            Old Manor House

For Julius Pinschewer:

1949            Willie does his stuff

For the Toonder Studio’s:

1949            Plucky Panda’s penny
1950            Tom Puss and the Loch Ness Monster
1951            Theodora’s testament
1951            The Next chapter
1952            The Golden Fish
1952            Hugo and the Harp
1952            Hugo in the Circus
1952            Hugo ‘s Garden
1952            Hugo and the House of Europe
1952            Hugo Kraftmax
1954            Moonglow

For The Anglo Dutch Group:

1969            The professionals
1974            7-Up commercial: Hippies
1974            7-Up commercial: Eunuch
1974            7-Up commercial: Kameleons
1974            7-Up commercial: Wijs de weg
1976            High as a Kite

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